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Learning to Improvise - book 2 

Phyllis Schlomovitz 



Exercises in Transposition ;  

Five in One/Daily Dozen;  

Order of Keys and Pedal Changes;  

Picking Up the Other Keys;  

New Chords-New Inversions;  

Instructions for Harmonizing the Songs; Red River Valley; Home on the Range; Yankee Doodle; The Elf-man; America; St. Patrick's Day; Gaily the Troubadour;  

Secondary Dominants;  

Using the Secondary Dominant for Modulating to a New Key;  

The Kerry Dances; When Love is Kind; Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms; Oh Christmas Tree;  

The Modes;  

The Second Mode; Mystery Palace;  

The Third Mode; Castle Ruins;  

The Fourth Mode; Dance;  

The Fifth Mode; The Child;  

The Seventh Mode; Locrian Mood;  

Table of Modes; 



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