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Wild Strings UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Collection 2018 

by competition prize winners and Wild Strings artists 




Composition competition winners: 

(all written for lever harp, but suitable to pedal too) 


1. 16,234 (.47) by Tamsin Dearnley (1st prize) 

2. Shape the Air by Steph West (2nd prize) (hp/voice) 

3. Moving House Rag by Tamsin Dearnley (3rd prize) 

4. The Great Glen Cattle Ranch by Anna Tait Westwell (under 18 winner) 


Pieces by Wild Strings artists: 


5. Plywe Kacza by Alina Bzhezhinska (pedal harp solo) 

6. Bregar's Guitarp by Brenda Dor-Groot (lever harp solo) 

7. When the Time is Right by Shelley Fairplay ('unashamedly cheesy pop for harp ensemble') 

8. Play with Me by Tara Minton (voice & pedal harp) 

9. Song for Jo by Christopher Norton (pedal harp solo) 

10. Harp Solo Blues by David Snell (pedal harp solo) 

11. Life goes on by Monika Stadler (harp & soprano sax) 

12. Legend in the Shadows by Savourna Stevenson (4 pedal harps) 

13. O Christmas Tree arr. by Park Stickney (pedal harp solo) 

14. Ice Cream Days by Eleanor Turner (4 lever or pedal harps) 

15. Floresta Tropical by Amanda Whiting (pedal harp solo) 


In 2018, the Wild Strings festival team and The Future Blend Project organised a jazz & pop harp composition competition alongside the Wild Strings UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Festival. Four winning compositions have been published in this book, together with eleven pieces contributed by Wild Strings artists (those performing and teaching at the festival, competition adjudicators, etc.). The book was published by PoppyHarp and released at the Wild Strings festival in Manchester in October 2018. The festival was initiated by the UK Harp Association and organised by the Wild Strings festival team. 



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