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Cool Chords & Groovy Rhythms 

Verlene Schermer 


This book for lever harp covers the cool chords that go "beyond and between" the triads used in traditional styles of music, and modern rhythms that "groove". The minimal chord in jazz is a chord made of four tones - usually a seventh chord, such as Cmaj7, Dm7, and G7. These are used extensively in pop as well. But beyond the 7's are 9's, 11's, sus4's and 13's that can add even more of a modern jazzy sound to any melody. The rhythms used in modern styles vary from syncopated rhythms to "swing eighths" to a rockin' "four on the floor." Jazz introduces the element of swing, and the Brazilian influence within the jazz genre brings us straight eighths with lots of syncopation. Exercises, examples, and assignments are given for each element presented. You'll learn the tools for making modern-sounding arrangements using popular songs, traditional tunes, or your own compositions. 80 pages. 


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