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Spirit of Harp 

Monika Stadler 


A book of original compositions, contemporary pieces for single and double action pedal harp. 


Level: intermediate/advanced 


This attractive and well-presented anthology is comprised of short compositions in a range of styles and incorporating jazz, Latin, classical and folk idioms. It also appeals to a broad church of performers, as the book caters for pedal, lever and single action harps (which is still a popular folk instrument in Southern Germany, Austria and Northern Italy). By turns expressive, sweetly nostalgc and upbeat, these pieces are excellent material fr freshening programmes, for encores and for when something extra special is called for. On the other hand, I recently played The Dragonfly on a memorial programme, for which it was beautifully suited. i find it is also excellent instructional material, and your reasonably advanced students (grades 5 and 6+) will love this introduction to jazzy techniques (such as pedal slides and kicks). Monika has also made it possible to download a recording of each composition from her website for free, a great tool for those new to the style. Additionally, each composition has a colourful explanation of its conception and imagery. An excellent addition to any harpists's libraty. Highly recommended. 

- UK Harp Magazine 


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