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Accusound contact strip harp microphone 



AC-SC-06V (with volume control) 


This contact strip microphone comes with a pre-amp, and works well in both lever and pedal harps.  

The system is fully and quickly removable, enabling you to use it in one instrument today and in another one tomorrow. 


The standard contact microphone for harp is a thin strip microphone which fixes to the soundboard of the harp. 

The tan coloured protective PVC cover allows ample surface to achieve good adhesion to the sound board. 

It is fixed using double sided self adhesive tape supplied in the kit. 

The positioning of the strip can make a difference to the sound it reproduces so experimentation is important. 

Accusound suggests you start 1/3 of the way up the soundboard, to one side and away from any ribs. 

High quality miniature wireless transmitters are also available, granting you freedom of movement and reducing trip-over cabling. 


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