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20 Chandler Street 

Maeve Gilchrist 


Maeve Gilchrist (harp, vocals and pump organ), Aidan O'Donnel (bass), Duncan Wickel (fiddle), Roger Tallroth (tenor, guitar, 12 string guitar and cittern) 

Guest artists: Darol Anger (fiddle), Jean Rohe (background vocals) 


1) 20 Chandler St. 

2) City in the North 

3) Sandhunter 

4) Peerie Joel's Waltz  

5) February Bright 

6) The Twa Corbies 

7) Waves: The Waves of Rush 

8) Nahatlach 

9) In and Oot the Harbor / PT: Wheels of Glory 

10) The Explorer 

11) Song for Sadie 



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