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No strings attached 


Lori Andrews (harp), Sean Holt (vocals), Christine Day (vocals), Bruce Atkinson (bass & vocals), Gregg Karukas (programming- "Falling in Love"), Hubert Laws (flute), Doug Norwine (flute), Tollak Ollestad (harmonica), Pierre Michelou (trumpet), George Shelby (sax), David Johnson (vibes), Bart Samolis (basses), Alec Milstein (bass), M.B. Gordy (drums & percussion), Ricky Lawson (drums) 


1) The Pluckin' Blues 

2) No Strings Attached 

3) Falling in Love 

4) Song for My Father 

5) What You Won't Do For Love 

6) Sailing with the Moon 

7) Morning 

8) Take That! (Take Five) 

9) Smiling Again 

10) Alice in Wonderland 

11) Into the Bush 

12) Love of a Lifetime 


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