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Take Flight 




Habiba makes light-footed and dreamy songs using the harp in a playful and rhythmical way effortlessly blending the genres pop, jazz, blues and folk into intimate and original music. 


Habiba (harp&vocals), Martijn Korff de Gidts (percussion and drums), Hugo Verweij (sound design and rhythmical arrangements), Felix Hildenbrand (bass guitar and double bass), Sander Huiberts (double bass), Saskia Meijs (viola and violophone), Michiel Stam (electric guitar), Thomas Olivier (mandolin and guitar), Martin de Ruiter (washboard), Olaf Zwetsloot (saxophone), Vincent Beijer (vocals) 


1) Does It Mean Anything At All? 

2) Intimate Scenes 

3) Tip Toe 

4) Will You Write Me 

5) Sweet Talk 

6) Lost Boy 

7) Raining in My Car 

8) I Wasn't Born Here 

9) I Feel Like Dancing 

10) 1922 

11) Heather 

12) Underneath The Surface 



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