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Berklee Harp 

Reading, Improvisation, & Arranging for Pedal & Lever Harpists 

Felice Pomeranz 

- Berklee Press 


Learn basic chords, chord symbols, and harmonic progressions used in a wide range of music, including jazz, folk, and other styles.  

Whether you play pedal or lever harp, this book will help you to explore your personal musicianship and creativity. You will learn techniques for soloing and for accompanying yourself or others. The harmony exercises will help you to master chord progressions in several grooves, practice modulating freely and without fear, and improve your chord recognition and smooth voice leading. The accompanying audio tracks include demonstrations and play-alongs. 


You will learn to: 

Identify and play chords, such as triads, seventh chords, chords with tensions, and upper-structure triads 

Play several standard chord progressions, using smooth voice leading 

Develop your sense of time and groove 

Play in styles such as jazz, blues, swing, bossa nova, and folk 

Create harp arrangements more easily 




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