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Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet 


1. Following A Lovely Sky Boat 

2. Los Caballos 

3. Spero 

4. Annoying Semitones 

5. Winter Moods 

6. Wisdom Eye 

7. After The Rain 

8. Journey In Satchidananda 


Alina Bzhezhinska presents an album, as the title suggest, with inspiration from jazz legend Alice Coltrane. Coltrane, who was the second wife of John Coltrane, learned the harp when already a distinguished pianist and developed a unique style of harp playing. Bzhezhinska, together with Tony Kofi on saxophone, Larry Bart on bass and Joel Prime on drums, spins of that tradition on tracks such as “Blue Nile” and “Journey in Satchidananda”. The record also includes compositions such as “After the Rain” by John Coltrane as well as a number of originals by Bzhezhinska, including “Spero”, “Annoying Semitones” (a title all harpists can relate to!) and “Following a Lovely Sky Boat”.  


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