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A Taste of Jazz Harp 

compilation CD 


At the World Harp Congress 2011 in Vancouver, the International Jazz Harp Foundation released this compilation album. A must have, with great songs by the main present day jazz harpists. 

From a very jazzy beginning with Tangier by Carol Robbins to a smashing and groovy Way You Are Blues by Deborah Henson-Conant and many great, beautiful, virtuoso, and swinging stuff in between. Park Stickney, Edmar Castaneda, Cristina Braga, and all the others together on one and the same album! 


1) Tangier - Carol Robbins 

2) Somerville Samba - Evelyn Huber 

3) Song of Sadness - Cristina Braga 

4) Where's Mary Ford? - Park Stickney 

5) Memories of Otterloo - Rosetty 

6) Friday Night at the Conga Club - Lori Andrews 

7) Dilmano, Dilbero - Rossitza Milevska 

8) Colibri - Edmar Castaneda 

9) Captive in Paradise - Felice Pomeranz 

10) Rock and Funky Etude for Harp - Stella Castellucci 

11) Danny Boy Blue - Christa Grix 

12) Way You Are Blues - Deborah Henson Conant 


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