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LESSON #1 - Chord based riffs 


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Tuning for lever harps: with all levers down, your harp should be tuned in the key of A flat major: Ab - Bb - C - Db - Eb - F - G (A flat major) 


This song and excercise is written in the key of B flat major, so start out with moving your levers or pedals to obtain the scale of B flat major: Bb - C - D - Eb - F - G - A 


The chord used in this excercise is the Bb6 chord = Bb - D - F - G 


Download the backing track for the Bb6 excercise here

Download the backing track for the full song Lou's Blues here


Or, if you have the iRealb app, click this link on your smartphone or tablet to download the backing tracks as a playlist into your app. 

Don't have iRealb yet? Get it at (optional). It was featured as a gadget in the December 2012 newsletter. 


Extra tidbit 

If you would like to play the whole melody of Lou's Blues, you will need the Ab and occassionally the Db.  


Have fun! 

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