The 2nd iJHF Jazz Harp Academy was held in Baton Rouge & New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, September 23-25, 2011. 


Louisiana State University hosted the event, through Kimberly Houser, LSU harp teacher. 



Park Stickney - jazz harpist 

Carol Robbins - jazz harpist 

Kurt Schwab - saxophone player 

Bill Grimes - bass player 

Brenda Dor-Groot, Sabine Meijers, Kimberly Houser - harpists and initiators 


General information: 



We offered 2 courses: 

- a 3 day intensive course for harp students and professionals with some experience in jazz playing, divided in 2 levels: intermediate & advanced.  

- a 2 day exploration course for students, professionals and amateurs who are beginners in jazz playing, divided in 2 levels: beginner & intermediate  



We have been able to create a very interesting and intensive course schedule which enables you to learn, and adapt, as much as possible about jazz and jazz harp playing. It includes hands-on harp lessons, jazz combo lessons, theory lessons, practice time,, listening to jazz, a lecture on jazz harp, jam sessions and a Jazz Harp Academy faculty concert. You can also book private lessons with any of the faculty members.  

After the jam session on Sunday afternoon, there will be an optional trip to New Orleans. 



We conducted a how-to-play-the-blues-and-improvise-on-a-harp-within-one-hour crash course teaching day at Runnels School on Thursday, September 22. Read more...  


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