Jazzharp.org newsletter - December 2010
Succesful 1st edition of Jazz Harp Academy
Jazz harp research project
New releases: Rosetty and Deborah Henson-Conant
Youtube tips: Maeve Gilchrist & 2 Tone
Gadgets: great tuner app
Webshop: new items & special offer!

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!
Succesful 1st edition of Jazz Harp Academy
We are proudly looking back on a succesful first edition of the Jazz Harp Academy.
Participants experienced the combination of theory lessons, hands-on harp lessons, rhythm class, and combo lessons with band especially educational and the jam session and listening to jazz sessions proved to be very inspiring.

One of the participants, Marcella Carboni, published
this review (in Italian) on facebook and on the website of the Italian Harp Society. Here's an English translation, as published in the Dutch Harp Bulletin this month, but with video links as in her original article. We published a few pictures on our website, and some video footage will follow soon (become a jazzharp.org facebook fan to know when).

We intend to organize a second edition of the Jazz Harp Academy in 2011, expectedly taking place in the US.
A big thank you to all participants,
faculty, exhibitors & sponsors and volunteers for your contribution to the success of this event!
Jazz harp research project
In collaboration with Codarts university for the arts, the iJHF commissioned a research project about the harp as a jazz instrument. Loes van Schaijk, our researcher, never touched a harp, her background is that of a scholar in cultural studies, a teacher of general music and a singer, with a big love for improvisation and open-mindedness in music. We especially wanted a non-harpist to do the research, so the result would have an objective outsider-perspective.
An important part of the research project took place at the Jazz Harp Academy. The academy sessions and concert were videotaped and reviewed, in addition to analysis of existing literature and recordings. Participants, session musicians, faculty and other Jazz Harp Academy attendees were interviewed. Also, many jazz harpists and jazz musicians have filled out an e-mail questionnaire or were interviewed by phone/skype. This way, Loes collected information about the possibilities and boundaries of the instrument in the areas of harmonization, improvisation, amplification, and relationship to other instruments in a band.
Deborah Henson-Conant, hip harpist and member of our advisory board, was one of the musicians who took part in the research. She even published her questionnaire answers on her
blog and asked her facebook friends to have a look at it. It led to comments like: 'This is an amazing piece of jazz harp education! I look forward to taking it to workshop and helping my teacher and peers better understand me, the instrument, its challenges & capabilities' (Carol J. Levin).
This strengthens our expectation that the outcome of the full research project will be 'an amazing piece of jazz harp education' for many, and its publication will contribute to the development of the harp in jazz.

Website Loes:
photo: Adrienne Korzilius
New release 1
Out of the Blue - mellow jazz harp by Rosetty
Rosetty is a Dutch harpist/songwriter/composer, who has been solo harp player in the Metropole Orchestra (also known as the world's leading jazz orchestra) for many years. Next to her 'Harping together' series of books with play-along cds, she has now brought out her new jazz harp CD 'Out of the blue'. Listen to some previews
here, or order it from our webshop right away. Oh, wait, first check out the limited time special offer below!
New release 2
Deborah Henson Conant's NEW Gurl's Guide to Amplification
Deborah has recently published the new 2nd edition of her popular 'Gurl's Guide'. It explains amplification (and especially amplifying harps) in plain language accompanied by her well known funny and explanatory drawings. Over 100 pages packed with information, illustrations & stories of amplification gone bad - and good!
Like pretty much all of Deborah's CDs and sheet music, you can buy it in
our webshop.
Youtube tip 1
Maeve Gilchrist has recently uploaded this great quality video of her (great quality:-) appearance at Club Passim in Cambridge, MA. Enjoy!
'Youtube' tip 2
Cindy Horstman submitted the upcoming performance with her harp/bass duo '2 Tone' to our calendar. Have a look at what they do in this myspace movie (so we're actually cheating on the 'youtube tips' section with a myspace tip:-).
Gadgets: great tuner app
This app was brought to our attention by a dear harp friend last summer and we're happy to share it with you: the popular Strobosoft tuning application for the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Of course we downloaded it immediately to our iPhone and we'll have to admit, it's an amazing app, very accurate if not more accurate than a common tuner. Plus you'll never forget your tuner to a gig anymore! Okay, it's a paid app, but worth the 10 bucks as far as we're concerned.
Check out the
website of Peterson, the manufacturer of Strobosoft, or get it from the AppStore right away.
Jazzharp.org webshop: new items
Accusound pickups & amps
At the Jazz Harp Academy, David and Karen from Accusound were present with their special designed harp pickups and their amplifier for both acoustic and electric harps (and other instruments). Lots to tell about that, but we'll keep it short: it sounded great and you can now get them in our webshop! (for those who can quickly decide: British sales tax goes up from 17 to 20% from January 1, so if you put your order in before midnight on December 31st, the prices will not have gone up yet)
Jazzharp.org webshop: special offer!
15% off Rosetty's 'Out of the blue'
If you order 'Out of the blue' from our webshop before January 10, 2011, you'll get 15% off this new release! Be sure to order through this special link for newsletter subscribers.
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