Jazzharp.org newsletter - August 2011 - JAZZ HARP ACADEMY SPECIAL
This Summer was packed with great harp events. If you haven't been to one yet, or if you got inspired to learn more, grab your chance now and come to the Jazz Harp Academy!

Not coming to the Academy? Don't hit delete just yet, there's still interesting stuff for you below.

Contents of this newsletter

- 2nd edition Jazz Harp Academy coming up, Louisiana, USA
- Concert with Park Stickney & Carol Robbins, Sept 24
- Got the Blue..?
- Spotlight on: Carol Robbins
- Prepare your 1st Jazz Harp Academy song now
- Gadgets: Amazing Slow Downer
- YouTube tips: Horace Silver playing Song for my father

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the Jazz Harp Academy 2011
is sponsored by

2nd Jazz Harp Academy coming up!
including extensive jazz ensemble coaching

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA

Do you want to make a head start in jazz harp, or seriously improve your already developing jazz harp skills? The Jazz Harp Academy is the place to be.

What: 3 day
intensive course
When: September 23-25, 2011
Who: YOU, Park Stickney, Carol Robbins, and many others
Costs: $ 350 (lodging and meals not included)

What: 2 day light course
When: September 24-25, 2011
Who: YOU, Park Stickney, Carol Robbins, and many others
Costs: $ 230 (lodging and meals not included)

Jazz Harp Academy ingredients: hands-on harp lessons | combo classes | theory lessons | jam session | concert | bass lines workshop | blues workshop | optional private lessons | optional outing to New Orleans on Sunday night


Park Stickney - jazz harpist
Carol Robbins - jazz harpist
Kurt Schwab - saxophone player
Bill Grimes - bass player
Brenda Dor-Groot - blues harpist (yes, the harp with strings and levers)
Sabine Meijers - harp educator
Kimberly Houser - LSU harp professional in residence

Levels: The 3 day course will be an intensive course for harp students and professionals with some experience in jazz playing, divided in 2 levels: intermediate & advanced. The 2 day course will be an exploration course for harp students, professionals and amateurs who are beginners in jazz playing, divided in 2 levels: beginner & intermediate.

Did you know that:
- the 2 day course is especially interesting for lever harp players, since there will be a lot of blues in this course
- all participants get to play with a jazz ensemble (drums, bass, etc.)
- the 2012 edition will expectedly take place in Europe, so US harpists should grab their chance now!
Separate concert tickets for Saturday September 24 are available in our webshop.

Register for the 2 or 3 day course here:
More info @
Register within 72 hours from now and get 10% off!
3 day course:
$315 instead of $350
2 day course:
$207 instead of $230
Concert with Park Stickney & Carol Robbins
Lousiana State University, Baton Rouge, Recital Hall,
Saturday, September 24, 2011

7.30 PM, Tickets $ 15,- buy here

Faculty concert of the Jazz Harp Academy, a performance with world-renowned jazz harpists Park Stickney and Carol Robbins, accompanied by local and international jazz musicians.

Line up:
Carol Robbins - harp
| Park Stickney - harp | Brenda Dor-Groot - pitch bend harp | Kurt Schwab - saxophone | Bill Grimes - bass | tba - percussion
Opening act:
Jazz Harp Academy course participants
Got the Blue..?
Ever since its beginnings in 2007, the International Jazz Harp Foundation has been particularly well supported by Camac Harps. Jazz harpists love Camac, not least because Camac’s President, Jakez François, happens to be a great jazz harpist himself!

Camac’s famous range of “blue harps” just keeps getting better and better. They are deservedly played by some of the best jazz harpists around, and offer a full range of electroacoustic pedal, and electric lever harps. In 2009, Camac launched the world’s first concert MIDI harp, which was recently awarded the Qwartz Max Matthews Prize for technological innovation.

Camac has a long history of collaborating with world-class artists to develop exceptional instruments. These include the solid body “strap-on” electric lever harp created together with Deborah Henson-Conant. This instrument has been enormously popular for years, and is also now available as the DHC Blue Light, a super-lightweight carbon version. In 2011, Camac released a state-of-the-art Columbian-style harp for Edmar Castaneda – with levers, greatly expanding the harp’s tonal possibilities for all you Latin lovers out there.

Don’t forget Camac’s witty blog,
www.harpblog.info which frequently provides substantial jazz harp coverage. Sign up to its RSS feed! :-)

We are delighted that, after their sponsorship of the 1st International Jazz Harp Academy in Rotterdam last year, Camac is a
Gold Benefactor of the Academy’s second edition.
Spotlight on: Carol Robbins
Carol Robbins is on the faculty of the 2011 Jazz Harp Academy.
If any harpist established a position in the actual jazz circuit, it is Carol. (So we'd say: don't miss the opportunity to learn from her and come to Baton Rouge next month!)

Read on and find out how Carol replaced the piano by the harp, was mentored by Dorothy Ashby, and came to play with Billy Childs, getting 2 Grammy nominations!

Read the
interview here
Prepare your 1st Jazz Harp Academy song now
2 great ways to learn a song are playing along, and listening others play.
Playing along can be hard in tempo, so using a slow down tool like Amazing Slow Downer is the key.
Here is
Song for my father, a Bossa Nova in F by Horace Silver to be practised for the Jazz Harp Academy 3 day intensive course. In the next issue, we'll get you an easy blues that will be used during the 2 day exploration course. But of course, this routine can be used to practise any song.

1. Print the lead sheet: download here
2. Get a CD with a nice version of the song (preferably the original Blue Note recording by Horace Silver) or get it from iTunes (e.g. the George Benson version)
3. Download Amazing Slow Downer (see 'Gadgets' below)
4. Open the audio file with Amazing Slow Downer, select your tempo, and get to practise! The lead sheet will serve as a guidance for chords and the original melody.
5. Find recordings of the masters playing the song, and listen well, see our youtube tips below for a good start.
6. Homework done? Take it to the Jazz Harp Academy to get coached on it by the masters and play it with the Jazz Harp Academy ensemble!
7. Find your own jazz ensemble and have fun! :-)
Amazing Slow Downer
Amazing Slow Downer is available for PC or Mac, as well as for iPhone and iPod touch.
The free lite version lets you play the first quarter (max 3 minutes) of an audio file. But if you get the PC/Mac lite version, it will also play track 1 and 2 of a cd (so just burn your audio file on a CD and you can work on the entire song).
Amazing Slow Downer can repeat any section of the music at full speed, slow it down or even speed it up, without changing the pitch! Or change the pitch with or without changing the speed if you want to play it in another key.
Download and read info here
Youtube tips
Song for my father
Horace Silver himself playing Song for my father. A great inspiration for your own playing (see above, where we give you tools to practise this song), or just great to listen to, full stop.
Thank you for listening!
Sabine Meijers & Brenda Dor-Groot
| iJHF
International Jazzharp Foundation www.jazzharpacademy.org info@jazzharp.org