Some concerts deserving special attention from the jazz harp point of view: 

(not necessarily comprehensive, but meant to give you an idea) 

Go to the Dutch Harp Festival website for the full programme. 


Sat, Oct 15, 7pm 

Opening concert with artists including Park Stickney, Lena Woods, Ben Creighton Griffiths, Netherlands Youth Jazz Orchestra, and many more 

Sat, Oct 15, 8pm 

Benjamin Creighton Griffiths, jazz/funk solo 

Sat, Oct 15, 10.15pm 

Park Stickney, jazz solo 

Sat, Oct 15, 10:15pm 

Lena Woods & Nobody's Cult, rock band 

Sat, Oct 15, 11:15pm 

Club Night, with Arnaud Roy (aka FlyByNo) & Adrien Maljournal (aka Cinabre), Remy van Kesteren and others 

Sun, Oct 16, 2pm 

Chromatic Lush, with Laura Perrudin & Jörg Brinkmann (cello) 

Sun, Oct 16, 3pm 

Funky Stuff, with the Netherlands Youth Jazz Orchestra, Park Stickney, Charles Overton & Ben Creighton Griffiths 


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