Board of directors 


Tineke Verheij 

Board member 


Tineke Verheij is production manager at the Hofplein Theatre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Hofpleintheater Rotterdam). 


Soon after concluding her Public Administration studies at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, she found herself immerged in the arts as production manager at the Onafhankelijk Toneel in Rotterdam. Her subsequent function as business manager at the Bonheur Theatre Company was a logical next step. This is where she first met the founders of the Jazz Harp Foundation. 


Tineke held many board memberships, including many years until today as a treasurer for TAA, Tesselschade-Arbeid Adelt (founded in 1871 as the first Dutch women's society). She is also treasurer for the Utrecht stage company ‘Als de beren komen’ and she got a serious taste of the world of visual arts as a business manager for the Dutch submission for the Prague Quadriennal. 


After having supported the founders of the Jazz Harp Foundation with entrepreneurial and culture-administrative advise in a more unofficial way for many years, she has recently accepted the invitation to formalise this role as a board member. 

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